This 5-Day summit will teach you how to get started with Facebook Ads. 
From setting up an account to creating your first campaign.
Marketing For Greatness, Inc.
Everyone tells you "do videos" and you are just paralyzed.  No worries.  I'm giving you a crash course on Facebook live. 
I am sending you my "cheat sheet" with all the resources that you need to prepare Facebook ads like a pro, saving time and effort. 
My Favorite Marketing Toolbox
Facebook Live Etiquette
I've seen people paying hundreds of dollars for this course.  Why I'm giving it away for free?  Because I want you to become a member of my Success Club, in all transparency.
The 5-Day Summit will be delivered to your email every day.  Day 1 is today, as soon as you sign up. 
I am covering everything that you have heard like pixel, lookalike audience, apps to create amazing pictures... I'm sharing my screen!
  • Get it Started Guide to Facebook ™ Ads: 9 simple steps
  • How to setup your audiences
  • Ads to prepare you for cold market
  • Ads to build your list
  • Ads to fill up events & webinars
Facebook™ advertising is possibly the most effective ways to promote your products to more than 1.5 billion people around the world.  During my 5-Day Summit you will learn:

Jessica Campos is known as 'The Social Media Guru'. She traded in her law career in order to pursue her passion: helping others win by building their own dream businesses to attain success. Jessica has generated over $3 million in sales, over the last 5 years, by creating her revenue rising social media system.